About Us

Our motto is "Our Family Taking Care of Your Family" and that is exactly what we intend to do. We are committed to providing you with the knowledge and understanding of financial products which are right for your particular situation ... no two are alike. We are committed to helping you achieve YOUR goals and will guide you away from the many potential traps in borrowing money. In addition, in almost all cases our services are free to you. You are a valued customer and should not need to worry about unforeseen expenses.

Free Consultations

Assisting you with...

  • Your First Home Purchase and Pre-approvals
  • Your Next Home Purchase
  • Renewing Your Mortgage
  • Refinances for any Purposes such as Debt Consolidation
  • Equity Take Out
  • Vacation and/or Second Properties or Investment Properties
  • Commercial Business Financing
  • Self-employment Options

We can also help you with:

  • Fixed Rate and Variable Rate Mortgages 
  • A Decline from the Bank
  • Cash Back Mortgages 
  • Interest Only Mortgages 
  • A Second Mortgage 
  • Residential * Commercial * Agricultural 
  • Debt Consolidation * Rental Property * Past Bankruptcies

You can finally relax...we will take care of the mortgage shopping details for you and will find you the best mortgage from a wide choice of lenders. Giving you personal family service, specialized knowledge and most importantly unbiased advice in order to reach your goals.

...Our Speciality is Providing Mortgage Solutions

  • Were you turned down by a bank?
  • Were you refused a mortgage from your bank?

Many of our clients were refused a mortgage by the bank that they had been dealing with for years, before they came to us and got the mortgage that they needed and deserved. It doesn’t feel good to be turned down but there is no need to be embarrassed or disheartened. Many times banks have turned down their own clients under circumstances where other lenders were eager, even competing to lend them money!

Lenders will compete for your business

With access to over 30 national mortgage lenders we get the most competitive rates for our clients There is such a thing as an entrepreneurial lender! If you need a lender that understands that you’re an ‘A’ client even though you’re just starting out, we know who they are. If you need a lender that will look past the problems you had a few years ago, we know who they are. Canada’s Chartered Banks are huge lumbering corporations that will turn away clients that other lenders would gladly take on. If you were turned down, odds are you are one of these people and you can get the mortgage you deserve at very competitive rates!

Alternative Mortgage Solutions

Only a Mortgage Broker can package lending products to form the financing solution you need. In some cases there isn’t just one lender that can fulfill your lending requirements. We will source out lending solutions from our extensive network of national and private lenders to find the most competitive mortgage financing solution available.


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