General Mortgage Info

  1. The Importance of Income Verified Mortgage Pre-approval

    Did you know that getting an income verified mortgage pre-approval prior to shopping for a home helps a potential home buyer in two very important ways? Firstly, a mortgage pre-approval helps potential home buyers streamline their search by providing a realistic price range and budget to work within. Secondly, a pre-approved mortgage can give a home hunter a potential leg up on the competition, as sellers are more likely to accept offers from a buyer who has already secured financing.

  2. Remediated Grow-Op Houses

    Can an individual purchase a grow-op home and have it financed?

  3. Advantages of Mortgage Default Insurance

    Obtaining mortgage default insurance coverage is absolutely essential whenever you purchase a house as well as borrow more than 80% of the house's worth. Mortgage insurance provides several advantages in the home buying process.

  4. Should I Wait For My Mortgage To Mature Before Obtaining a Renewal?

    No, have begin shopping around for an interest rate at least 90 days before your mortgage matures.

  5. What is a Canadian Mortgage Broker?

    A mortgage broker is a specialist who is paid a fee to bring together lenders and borrowers to assess available rates and find great mortgage opportunities. A Canadian mortgage broker usually works with dozens of lenders to find the most ideal possible mortgage fit for their home buyer clients.

  6. Your Mortgage Renewal

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