Hot Real Estate Market: Tips For Buyers

Don't get burned by a hot market.

Know Your Budget

It’s a risk for any buyer to get in over their head with too high of a best mortgage rate investment. Remember to factor in all costs associated with buying a home and owning a home. You’ll need to make the mortgage payments, pay the utilities, do household repairs, etc.

Know Your Budget for the Future

Interest rates are at a low; inevitably, they will rise. Before you sign a deal, calculate how much you’d be paying a month for your Canadian mortgage rate if rates rose by 2 or 3 percent.

Separate from the Pack

Some houses attract a big group of buyers and provoke a bidding war.  Look for a house that’s a 15-minute walk to transit, needs some renovation work, has a shared driveway, or another feature that other buyers might shy away from.

Know Your Needs

Make a list of what you truly need. And make a separate list for wants. Remember: you can only make a house bigger if you have enough land (and money). While you can always renovate, you can’t fundamentally change a home’s layout or its location.

Stay Cool

Choose an agent who can help you navigate bidding wars and the best low mortgage rate. Make a pact with your partner to keep your price range and must-have items in mind at all times.

Be patient and wait for the right house or the right offer to come your way!


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